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Grace Hopper

Research Scientist, Computer Science (1906-1992)

Grace learned a lot from her parents. From her mother, she learned to love math, and from her father, she learned how to overcome difficulties (his legs had been amputated due to illness). Grace attended Vassar College, and later she taught math there. Grace also went to Yale University and received her doctorate there. When World War II started, Grace joined the U.S. Navy, and while serving worked at Harvard University to develop the first computer. Grace was one of the first people to program this computer. Early computer languages were very complex, but Grace wanted people other than scientists or mathematicians to be able to use computers. Dr. Grace Hopper developed the first English programming language, called "COBOL". COBOL is still used today, and because of her achievements, Dr. Hopper was the first woman to be appointed admiral in the U.S. Navy.

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Information adapted from History of Women in Science for Young People by Vivian Sheldon Epstein.