About the name Historia

Margaret Mead

Anthropologist (1901-1978)

Margaret was very interested in anthropology, which is the study of different people and cultures. Margaret went to Samoa, a set of islands in the Pacific Ocean, to study the people there. She watched how people acted around each other, how they spoke, and their body language. On some islands, she noticed that women were in charge of business and men were the artists. Margaret took trips 14 times to study different people and their cultures. She found that men and women are often raised or expected to act a certain way, and these ways can be very different in different societies. By looking at these other cultures, she learned how our society also expects people to act certain ways. Dr. Mead worked for the American Museum of Natural History, taught at universities, wrote many books and articles, and made films and videos. Dr. Margaret Mead taught people that they can do anything they are talented at, no matter what society expects them to do.

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Information adapted from History of Women in Science for Young People by Vivian Sheldon Epstein.