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Chien Shiung Wu

Research Scientist, Physics (1912-1997)

Chien Shiung's father was a school principal, and encouraged her to obtain a good education. Chien Shiung enjoyed studying math and science. She went to the National Central University, Nanking and graduated. She especially enjoyed physics. After she graduated, Chien Shiung moved from China to the United States to escape China's political problems and to continue her studies. Chien Shiung went to the University of California at Berkeley to obtain her doctorate, and married another physics student. Chien Shiung worked at Smith College and Princeton doing research and teaching as a professor. She was asked to work on the "Manhattan Project", which was a confidential project that created the atomic bomb. Later in her life, some other physicists came to Chien Shiung with an idea (theory) of theirs, and asked her to help them. After performing many experiments, Dr. Chien Shiung Wu helped to disprove a law of physics, but the physicists who came to Dr. Wu for help were the ones who received the Nobel Prize. Dr. Wu later received praise for her many works as an experimental physicist.

Link: The Invention Dimension:Chien Shiung Wu

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Information adapted from History of Women in Science for Young People by Vivian Sheldon Epstein.